One Login for every digital service

My Identity is your LOGIN to Trützschler’s digital world and My Shop will be the first application to use all advantages provided by our new identity service.

My Identity...

...can be used with all new applications
Register once in My Identity. You can use your credentials to log-in to all new Trützschler application.
...supports Single Sign On
Once you’re logged-in, you can use all new Trützschler application without having to log in again. A Single Sign-On (SSO) securely provides your credentials to our new applications.
...provides a high security standard
We place great value on safety. For this reason, My Identity provides a high security standard. All data storages are securely encrypted and we use a highly encrypted protocol for transfer.
...applies to latest GDPR requirements
You are the owner of your data and you will control what data will be used in our application. Enter your data and preferences once and give our applications access to your data. All approvals will be centrally logged and your grants could be revoked at any time.

Video: We connect our digital services

Just watch our video to learn more about My Identity (please scroll down).