My Identity - your account...

With our global identity service My Identity, we were able to provide an important service for making our digital solutions available centrally.

With our shop, the first application was connected to this service. As a customer, you register via My Identity, if you already have access, simply log on to the shop via My Identity.

In a second step, it was important to store all personal data anonymously and centrally. Only you have access to your data and can administer it. The new My Identity Account function was developed so that you can administer your data.

After you have logged in to the shop, your avatar is displayed in the upper navigation bar on the right.

Thus it is directly apparent to you whether you are logged in or not. The context menu shows you further information of your profile (name, email address, company).

Via the button "My Account" you will be forwarded to your personal profile.



Here you can change the following data:
- Avatar
- Name
- Company
- Job role
- Interests

The advantage is that after your consent, all data is passed to our applications and is therefore identical. In addition, you do not have to maintain your profile twice in each application, which saves you a lot of time.

Which application can access my data?

In the upper navigation bar you will find the point "Grants".

Click on this menu item to get a list of all applications you have agreed to access your data. The list gives you information about the name and validity of the consent. You have at any time the possibility to revise your decision by deleting the authorization. To do so, click on "Revoke".

Details about which data has been transferred to the respective application can be obtained by using the "Details" function.


How can I export my data?

In the context menu of your avatar in the upper navigation bar you will find GDPR relevant functions.

Click on "Export" to export and download your personal data.

How can I delete my data?

Of course you have the possibility to delete your data and your access. To delete your data click on "Delete".

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